Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dueling Immigration Rant - oh did you come in in the middle?

In case you want backstory, check out the comments on the original post on this topic. Or if you are feeling carefree, just read on...

I'm quite aware of the programs, both current and in the pipeline to exterminate various sectors of the population. And I'm aware of Sensenbrenner's bill, and the neo bracero crap, as well as KBR's new contract to build domestic concentration camps.

I don't think Sensenbrenner's bill will get very far, for the same reason I think your plan wouldn't, leaving every other consideration or issue aside, neither of them would benefit the corporations.

And all the various neo-bracero proposals also fall short in that regard, and also share with your plan another disadvantage - most people would simply not sign up for it. They cannot make the wage low enough to suit the corporations, nor can they make it high enough to be worth the hassle versus the risks, not to mention the public relations aspect, and the politicians would still be arguing over the details long after our ten year old has grown up and married your daughter.

I know that those concentration camps are ostensibly for a "sudden influx of aliens" or some such wording, but I don't think so.

Regardless of the racist rants and Minute Man Mania, in the US, cheap labor is not going to be refused.

Now it is a fact that as US transitions to a single industry feudal state, there will be a surplus of serfs. Already some changes are evident, as the number of "white collar" and even the higher paying "blue collar" manufacturing jobs, those jobs that come with a union, the jobs that made it possible for so many of the Baby Boom to go to college and learn about Brie and the importance of thread count in linens.

The "jobs of tomorrow" are first and foremost, Wal-Mart and leash games at the Ghraib, and other than that, largely "service" jobs: food service, janitorial service, etc. They don't pay much, and we will at some point see, to an extent, the beloved meme of the Dobbs come true - immigrants will be taking jobs away from "Americans."

Now these are jobs that Americans don't want now, but as more are downwardly mobilized, at a last mad grasp at remaining in housing, they will want them. But they will not get them, for several reasons. One, the immigrants will work for less. Less even than the minimum wage, which is currently aroung 25% of the price of housing. Two, Americans cannot do these jobs as well. They are not able physically, emotionally, or any other way capable of competing with those exemplary young men from Guerrero.

Immigrants will become in effect, the new slave class with or without any programs. The new poor may blame them initially, but as other programs and pogroms are implemented, it will soon be apparent that it is not the Mexicans who deny the presciptions, who cleanse them from their new homes under the expressway, it is not the immigrants who have the guns. They don't need them.

And there is more than one way for nature to take its course. Can you imagine what would happen if some mystical little pajarito whispered into the ear of every human being working in the US with papers not purchased from Washington, and just for one day, none of those people went to work.

Think about it. Nothing to lose but one day's low pay, and possibly something quite more substantial than another few cents an hour or a card or the opportunity to fill out forms. Even if their employer fires them, they can easily obtain similar work somewhere else the next day. And many can, thanks to the fun and exciting features of racism, return to the same employer the next day, give a different name, and not even be recognized.

But what do you think would happen that one day, a sort of life imitates art Day without a Mexican?

How would it affect the US economy to have restaurants, hotels, all those "service industries" unable to function?

Whether that happens or not, for reasons mentioned above, the domestic conflict in the US will have an ethnic element, US already had a conflict with an ethnic element coming even before the process of reclaiming the continent intensified. But that will not be the whole of it. There will also be a religious element, political element, but as history has shown us, these things filter down to the age old have vs have not.

Kind of like the correction that occurred in Venezuela recently.

Anyway, if you have read this far, you have a gift for listening to the ramblings of old men, and you should consider a career in this field.

My point, and yes, I have one, is that the demographic shift in the US, as in Europe, is an issue. Say the word "issue" out loud. Whisper it, and you will hear the sound of the gentle twin zephyrs of Mendel and math. But it is only *an* issue, it is not *the* issue, for all the sound and fury of those who bat helpless wings, moth-like, against the twin zephyrs, as nature, like events set in motion long ago, take their course.

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