Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Come Cry With Me

Come Cry With Me

The are times when I absolutely need the comfort of others, because alone, I simply cannot bear to see and to know what I see and know. Not alone, not for even one more moment. Reading of the rocket bombing of those apartment buildings in Beiruit was today's "one straw too many".

So, if it is of any comfort at all to any of you, to also share a small space where we can mourn together awhile, you are so welcome ....

Come, my relations,
come cry with me
for all our relations
under war fire
eye's seared shut
by rockets red glare

Come cry with me
for blown apart babies
blasted children
dead mothers and elders
all who did not wish to die
and all the ripped open hearts

Come cry with me
great oceans of tears
we shall make
what else can we do
to extinguish
the roar-fire of war?

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