Friday, October 12, 2007

Latino Blogging via Radio and Podcast

Here are a couple of different ways to get up-to-speed on what's going on in the mindset of some of my favorite bloggers.

First, dabloguiman y los blogueros hosted the second Latino Netroots podcast, available for download
Roberto Lovato brings us an exciting in-depth report about the 2nd Annual Latino Congreso held in LA between October 5th and 9th; Marisa Treviño gives us her perspective on how traditional media coverage of immigration and other important issues impact the debate; Liza Sabater and Louis Pagan help us sort out ways in which the Latino blogosphere could more efficiently get our message out and influence the political discourse about issues of importance to Latinos. Finally, La Bloguera explains why the Mexican ambassador was kept “outside the walls” of the White House during the celebrations for Hispanic “Hysteria” Month.

linkage with download options here
Secondly, Marisa Treviño, who blogs at Latina Lista, was a guest on the LiberalOasis Radio show recently.

Today at 10 AM ET, The LiberalOasis Radio Show was broadcast on WHMP-AM in Western MA. My special guest was Marisa Treviño from Latina Lista, who discussed how the GOP is failing to build trust with the Latino community, and the progress being made in the fight for immigrant rights.

The podcast for the show is here. And you can watch the full show below.

linkage with download options and YouTube videos of the show here
Mil gracias to them all for getting strong latino and latina voices into new venues, talking about the ways our communities are affected by the policies and rhetoric coming out of Washington, D.C.

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