Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday "Morning" Eegeehood Tour

[Updated below with more links and a Bud cameo - M.E.]

Hey there kids! It's that time of year again, and in a twist of fate, just a wee bit later than that time of week again. Hop in the van, grab some candy, a flashlight, and let's do some trick-or-treating!

The lights are still on over at boran2's place. If we're real nice, he'll even let us take a peek at the progress of his latest painting. He also reports that Nancy Pelosi has been voted off the island of Left Blogistan. And there was much rejoicing...

Moving along...if the lights are off at catnip's crib, that's only because of some problems connecting to the internet tubes. Not to worry though, as she's left some nourishing food for thought on the front porch for any trick-or-treater who might come by.

Since we're already in the neighborhood, let's swing by the two cribs I'm renting. I usually feel bad when I can't afford goodies for Halloween, so this year I've saved my pennies and made sure that there are plenty of goodies for one and all. I even greet trick-or-treaters with my Guy Fawkes mask over at Mahatma X Files. As usual, you'll be filling up on lots of cynical commentary, lessons on research methodology in the service of human rights and dignity, and even some chili peppers that are hotter than habaneros. I kid you not! And of course I do apologies for those pests in my house who insist on flying around on only right wings. I'm not sure if it's the lack of a hard freeze this fall or the recent full moon. If you're up to it, bring some RAID and some fly swatters when entering mi humble casa.

Okay, over at the jazz joint, grab some music to nourish your minds, bodies, and souls. Coleman Hawkins is Wrapped Tight, Wendell Harrison and the Tribe serve up an Evening with the Devil, you can also hear some Echoes of a Prayer over in Grachan Moncur III's corner, and Franklin Kiermyer's been channeling the spirit of Trane In The House of My Fathers.

Not only can you find veritable feast of food for thought at Nezua's crib, but you can even vote on a tagline.

Smartypants has her own tour gig going on, so by all means see what's happening in some cribs outside of our particular 'hood. She'll also treat you to an on-going narrative on the peoples of the Andean First Nations.

Amidst the disappointing news about the DREAM Act, Citizen Orange finds hope among the younger activists.

In the mood for some mystery? Nanette's managed to solve one that I'd never even heard of. Now, you too, can learn who or what Dondi is.

Okay, that's our tour for now. The van is running low on fuel and we need to make sure that I can get us all back safely before we get stranded. Peace and love, y'all.

[UPDATE by Man Eegee] Believe it or not, I am alive! Midweek curveball from work last week kept me away from the web. Here are a few more things that I recommend checking out:

The crew over at Amnesty International's Aliados blog alerts us to the ongoing horror flick series that involves torture and legislative apathy towards it. Oh wait, that's real life. Time to get cracking on changing it! More info at the link.

Liza over at Culture Kitchen opines about that unspoken thing that strikes fear in the heart of nativists from sea to shining sea: minorities with money. Also, any post that includes the word 'negritude' deserves to be linked up. Check out the videos, too!

The dead are walking the streets in El Ciudad de San Francisco (and carrying signs while they're at it). And don't tell Bud, but janinsanfran is sharing some gato goodness with an important message about pet adoptions.

Liberal Street Fighter is back online with Madman In The Marketplace committing a rant on America™'s infatuation with a Hallmark-card reality bubble while the rest of us end up flooded or burned. Literally.

Duke is in top form as he calls out Lou Dobbs Democrats for blindly following the forked-tongue propagandist. Also, time to break out the marketing blue ribbon, he's coined a new phrase: Tancrazy.

XP strolled into some mal aire last week and caught the flu (hope you're feeling better 'mano!), but no flu bug could stop him from outlining the fallout of shattered D.R.E.A.M.S. Marisa over at Latina Lista also gave voice to the frustration and slap in the face offered to students who only want a shot at a higher education.

Taking a break from the political, Family Man offers a way to give your ears a slacking session: don't listen to the car radio. And olivia is either getting way into the Halloween spirit this year, or found her prince. Talk about multi-tasking, she even managed to get in some bird yoga. And speaking of exercise, katiebird continues her daily vigilance over at Eat4Today, while taking time to remember the victims of the California wildfires.

Happy Trick-or-Treating! Watch out for the basset hound disguised as a Drool Monster.

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