Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Sunday Eegeehood Tour

Holy deja vu, Batman! Two Sundays of Eegeehood Tours in a row! Once again I am filling in as your humble tour guide. This isn't my regular gig, though, but I'll do what I can.

Let's start out with a tribute to Ductape Fatwa by spiderleaf over at ECFS.

Nezua of Unapologetic Mexican fame, has been a busy man, including the design work for the recently unveiled Citizen Orange (which should be made into a regular tour stop, so check it out) Nez is also keeping them honest when it comes to decaying empires, mercenary armies, and war criminality.

Boran2 has finished his Grand Canyon painting. Obviously suitable for framing. Nicely done.

Smartypants offers up some cautionary words regarding eternal "wars on terra", whether fought in Peru or elsewhere. She's also been collecting some cool quotations over the past week.

I'll try to update with more in a few.

Back again.

XicanoPwr has an update on the Jena Six and the proliferation of noose as a racist symbol.

Family man tells us that the path to perfect slackdom is full of surprises.

Catnip is currently at the beach
(in other words, on blogging hiatus).

Duke1676 of Migra Matters tells us The Word.

Anything else happening in tha hood?

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