Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Sunday/Monday Eegeehood Tour

Hi all. This is your friendly neighborhood tour guide, James (currently filling in for Nanette), ready to share with any and all visitors the 'haps in the 'hood. We'll stop by my pads first this time around.

Over at the jazz joint (Nothing Is), there's some new music up for grabs, including some Flaming Drums (not literally - my place is not up to code for pyrotechnics - but rather a great early 1960s afro-jazz session led by the late Babatunde Olatunji), and a re-up of a classic Frank Wright album (Kevin, My Dear Son).

Now on to The Mahatma X Files, where we've been dealing with a few annoying pests in the comments (you know, the kind who fly around only on right-wings), so slap on some repellent and step right in. First, there's a friendly reminder that there is nothing to fear when it comes to trick-or-treating (other than the dental bill from too much candy consumption). Also, there's an extended essay on eugenicists, racism, and Jim Watson. How do they tie together? Read and find out.

You know of course that Bud is back protecting Manny's front yard. Just give him some treats and he'll know you're cool. Also, did you know that the US is building a Great Wall of China?

Our newest Eegeehood tenant, Citizen Orange, has a good one up on dissent and deportation.

Smartypants is serving some Blessed Unrest, and once you're done with this tour, why not check out her own tour bus?

More to come - probably sometime on Monday.

Now it's Monday - if we're done with our coffee break, let's get back to the tour.

There are a few artists' lofts in the hood, as we all know. Boran2, for instance, is working on brand new painting as we speak - this time on 8"x10" canvas. Once more, we will be treated to The Grand Canyon. Stay tuned...

What's going on over at Olivia's photography studio? If you take a peak, you'll see a photo of a Grey Heron, among other scenes - both in nature and on the ice (as in ice hockey - 'tis the season).

On a more serious note, the age of the "sundown towns" is not all that far behind us. One could argue that in fact it never really went away, and is if anything are coming back with a vengeance in the wake of all the anti-immigrant hysteria. Migra Matters has the scoop.

Xicanopwr has a tale of two Aztláns - the original version meant to unite and inspire, and the right-wing version intended to spread division and hatred.

On a somewhat related note, Doc Logan over at Human Beams takes his readers on a journey to a land that time forgot.

Intrepid Liberal Journal has an interview with journalist and Iran expert Barbara Slavin.

Katiebird asks what are you going to do today?

That's all for now folks. Until next time, peace and love y'all.

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