Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pro-Migrant Blog Roundup

Here's what's crisping on the comal from pro-migrant blogs across the web

The dim bulbs over at the Politico have decided to lay claim on the spanish language, threatening La Política with legal actions for copyright violations on the name of their site. I'm salivating at the thought of receiving a notice in my inbox. La Neta over at Adventures of the Coconut Caucus does some sleuthing and discovers at the Politico is not the first publication by that name.

The crew over at Amnesty International's Aliados blog are showing their solidarity with the Coalition of Immokalee Workers who recently marched against Burger King for refusing to pay their pickers and farmers just wages. They are also looking for artists to participate in the showcase titled, ¡Presente! Homenaje a la Mujer.

Brenda Norrell over at CENSORED sends out the alert for the cross cultural/bi-national event Día de los Reyes Magos on January 6th. She also reminds us that Blackwater is getting a bigger role in border security.

Kyle has created a great video presentation that show's Lou Dobbs' hypocrisy when it comes to race baiting. Check it out. Kyle's blog - Citizen Orange - is also expanding its scope as a group blog with the addition of yave begnet to its list of contributors. You can also find yave over at his home blog.

New to the radar screen (for me, at least) is the blog Damn Mexicans. Love the snarky title and the posts even more.

Speaking of snark, a stream of it is predictable when Tom Tancredo gets nailed for hiring undocumented workers. Roberto Lovato files Tancrazy's antics in the Super Hypocrite Files while Stace Medellin over at DosCentavos calls it delicious.

Luis Alberto Urrea has a blog! ...and he also has a bit of an identity crisis during this week's Immigration Monday post. "If I were Stephen King, I'd say kiss my ass." Heh.

Another author on the immigration beat recently was Alisa Valdez Rodriguez who has resumed writing at her blogspot site. She's been considering a run for Congress in Nuevo México but is conflicted with the way hispanos are equated with "illegals" among the chattering masses of Americans™ Of course, if you're Mitt Romney, Cubans are exempted from restrictions since they're fleeing communism. Or something. ...but what about the IRISH?!?

Maybe they can be candidates on the new "Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen" gameshow. No, I'm not kidding.

Moving from the absurd to the dangerous, Marisa over at Latina Lista talks hate crimes and the rapid increase of Latino/Latina targets due to anti-migrant hysteria. Also, KJ over at ImmigrationProf Blog warns that the City of Phoenix may change its long-standing policy of barring local law enforcement from determining citizenship status of people arrested.

Last, but certainly not least, Duke1676 over at Migra Matters is doing a call-out for all pro-migrant bloggers so the blogroll over there can be updated. Check in and let him know what you're covering in the world of global human rights.

Great to see more voices added to the chorus everyday. What else are you reading?

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