Friday, February 01, 2008

Pro-Migrant Blog Roundup

It's time to take another look at what's shaking across the pro-migrant web.

The crew over at Long Island Wins takes another look at the local neighborhood/workplace raids that saw over 2,000 people being rounded up and imprisoned.

Speaking of migrant prisons, the T. Don Hutto Blog alerts us to a sexual assault that lead to no prosecution of the offending officer. XicanoPwr expands at ¡Para Justicia y Libertad! with The Politics of Humanity: Deporting Victims of Sexual Abuse. yave begnet alerts us to a story where the sister of a U.S. citizen who was imprisoned for not being able to produce citizenship documents speaks out. Vox ex Machina writes of Flor Cristosoma, the latest migrant mother to seek sanctuary in her church.

Over at the Drum Major Institute Blog, Suman Raghunathan offers a post explaining the deadly consequences of a population that remains silent on human rights abuses within the broken immigration system. Specifically, the case of Edgar Castorena - a 2 month old Oklahoman that died after his parents were too afraid to seek medical care for fear of deportation.

Amnesty International's Aliados Group blogs about their representation at the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights conference in Houston , Texas. The Open Borders Lobby alerts us to a fundraising effort for migrant students attending the University of North Carolina.

Moving to border politics, The Mex Files tell us about a terrorist apprehended recently by Border Patrol and muses about why its being met with silence from the 'Secure the Border!!!' crowd. Marisa over at Latina Lista covers the latest round of lawsuits the Dept. of Homeland Security is pursuing against residents of border areas in Texas. Censored News gives us an Apache/Native American perspective of the land theft. Also on the native american front, Kyle over at Citizen Orange shares a documentary entitled 'Mayan Territory'.

The No Border Wall - Take Action Blog! shows different ways to submit comments to DHS regarding the border wall construction across the southwest. Pro Inmigrant discusses a humane way of looking at the idea of a border, and it doesn't mean building walls. James over at The Mahatma X Files offers a roundup of border wall blogging. Nezua at The Unapologetic Mexican, meanwhile, covers a different border - the one that is being erected by Israel. Kai at Zuky also offers a post on the issue.

Since there's apparently an election happening this year (who knew?), Generation 1.5 asks the question: Which Presidential Candidate Will Best Help DREAMERS. Over at the blog I am a Shadow, the politics of immigration and drivers' licenses for migrants is discussed. Duke at Migra Matters highlights Mike Huckabee's rightward trend to pander to the nativist crowd. Roberto Lovato at Of América shares Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani's spanish language ads. Damn Mexicans gives us stats on the migrant population of Super Tuesday states.

ImmigrationProf blog highlights the new campaign by NCLR to fight coded hate speech that permeates the media within the immigration debate. The new site is We Can Stop The Hate.

El Loco over at LatinoPundit describes discrimination faced across America (not just the U.S., but all of America); while Dave over at Orcinus tells us the latest antics of Jim Gilchrist and the vigilante Minutemen.

At Dream Act - Texas, the latest round of state-based legislation is covered. Indiana's new bill looks a lot like the controversial HR4437 that sent millions of migrants and their supporters to the streets to march for human rights a couple of years ago.

That's the first round of offerings for this roundup. Feel free to add your picks to the comments. Everyday more voices are added to balance the immigration debate - voices that raise the flag of human rights and compassion - voices that are desperately needed.


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