Thursday, May 15, 2008

Announcing the Launch of The Sanctuary

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To all our friends and allies in pro-migrant blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that latter word in the phrase), this has been a long time coming. I'm happy to announce the launch of The Sanctuary, a new community-based blog that will feature a solid team of writers on its frontpage that have worked for years to raise the centrality of human rights in the immigration debate.

Several months ago, we started discussing ways to push for a more balanced discussion in the media and political system at all levels. Nativists and a few outright bigots have been allowed to go unchecked on television, radio and the internet with little or no refutations coming from an equally strong and credible source. Many of their remarks are damaging to families in direct ways - from children being left parent-less, detainees dying in horrible ways in the concentration camps that have been set up by the Department of Homeland Security, and cultural genocide practiced against groups that are not considered to be of default American™ mindset.

The Sanctuary will be more than a website. The Editorial Board is working with an ever-expanding coalition of human rights organizations across the country to share information and action alerts that will spark a fire of the human spirit that will work to transform a divided populace into a unified people that can dialog again. Disagreements on solutions will surely come up, but we have to get to the point where we can speak to each other again without constructing mental walls made of steel.

Immigration is one of those issues that can easily be governed by bumper-sticker politics, but it is far from that simple, and it is a disservice to do so. There are too many facets that are being ignored or overlooked that can help us build understanding and, hopefully, solidarity that recognizes the personhood of every human being - removing the tarnish off the plaque of Emma Lazarus' New Colossus.

It is our goal to collect the wisdom and expertise that can only be found in community. Together labor leaders, community activists, allies and everyday people who are affected by the divisive politics of nationalism will build a true sanctuary on the web.

Hope to see you there as we build bridges and break down those walls.

Man Eegee

The Editorial Board of The Sanctuary:

The Unapologetic Mexican Nezua ... Founder and Editor: The Unapologetic Mexican

Owner and artist: XOLAGRAFIK Media Arts

Citizen Journalist: MTV Street Team 08 Rep.(OR)

Culture Kitchen Liza ... Founder and Editor: Culture Kitchen


Citizen Orange Kyledeb ... Founder and Editor: Citizen Orange

Latino Politico Manuel ... Founder and Editor: Latino Politico


Para Justica y Libertad
Edmundo ... Founder and Editor ¡Para Justicia y Libertad!


Migra Matters Duke ... Founder and Editor: Migra Matters - Progressive Immigration Reform.


Latina Lista LatinaLista ... Founder and Editor: Latina Lista


Zuky Kai ... Founder and Editor: zuky


Cross Left Kety ... Board Chair: Institute for Progressive Christianity, Founder: CrossLeft

[UPDATE] Here is Nezua's introductory post: Path to the Oasis

[UPDATE the 2nd] Kai has joined the party with The Sanctuary - A New Nexus

[UPDATE the 3rd] Duke1676 titles his announcement: A new offensive against intolerance: The Santuary

[UPDATE the 4th] Here's Kety's intro at CrossLeft

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