Monday, July 28, 2008

Sites Covering Jon Justice's Sexual Escapades

The list of sites calling out Jon Justice's racist and sexist behavior on 104.1 "The Truth" is growing everyday.
And for good reason - while I picked up on this story last week in a mocking fashion, the reality is that Jon Justice's webisodes crossed so many lines that it speakes volumes that 104.1 "The Truth" (not) hasn't fired him yet while he was canned from a previous gig for simulating a dog drowning.

Yes. Pretending to kill a dog on air was enough to get him fired at another radio station, while Justice's perverted video stunts with the Isabel Garcia piñata/pseudo blow-up doll has yet to motivate the corporate powers that be at the Journal Broadcast Group to remove him from the airwaves like a dusty fart in a closed room.

This is not about Isabel Garcia's work, which everyone on this earth knows Justice loathes. The second 104.1 "The Truth" allowed him to assert his male dominance over her effigy in a sexualized manner, doing so with hateful intentions, he reprised his role as a simulator of violence, this time summoning shadows of rape and molestation.

"Oh, it was just a piñata. You're overreacting."

That argument doesn't hold a candle to justice for Justice, because this entire situation has come about due to his wailing and gnashing of teeth at the audacity of protesters handling a piñata in the way they are designed. As 104.1 The Truth's Jon Justice said in his own words:

I dont know about you, but when I see children beating up on the likeness of a human being, and then another person like isabel garcia … picking up the head of that likeness of a person … and then parading that around I would take that as a threat of physical violence

—Jon Justice

Given those incriminating observations, Justice shouldn't be too surprised that he is receiving the growing backlash that he deserves.

On top of the misogynistic routine he broadcast to the world on the internet, he weaved the sexual violation of the Isabel Garcia piñata with the all-too-familiar racism that those of us who have brown skin have seen grow bold in recent years. No longer is it lurking in shadowy meetings in hushed voices, now it's laid bare on teevee, radio, the web, anywhere that a nativist can gain access.

It's another form of reasserting dominance. That Isabel Garcia is a woman, and a woman of color at that, made it too enticing for such a small human being like Jon Justice to bypass the bait. It wasn't even one minute into his perverted video before he made it clear to his opponents that he was going to show her who was in charge.

Well...sorry 104.1 "The Truth", Jon Justice (not his real name), and other nativist haters - there are legions of us who have had enough of your simulated phallic-waving. Your era is coming to an end each time you cross enough lines where a young or young-at-heart person realizes the rotting core of racism, sexism and xenophobia coming out of your antequated view of the world.

And to bring this back to the beginning of the circle that is both the past and future, think of all the children that you're detaining and/or deporting parents - one day they will be old enough to vote and lead civically; and people like Isabel Garcia, me, and countless human rights activists will still be around to remind them who was leading and supporting the racist posse.

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