Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks for the Traffic, Jon!

It looks like John McCain isn't the only one who can't quite figure out these here internet tubes work. The Journal Broadcast Group doesn't want the public to know the truth about 104.1 The Truth's insistence on promoting sexism, racism, and piñata pr0n by their morning host, Jon Justice. They keep working to have the webisodes that they uploaded themselves taken down, not realizing that the moment they went up, dozens of people downloaded them so they can be forever memorialized in the Hate Radio Hall of Shame.

Here's Justice's latest message linking to this site, whining to his listeners about the scary bloggers.
In the meantime I also get to deal with blogs like this one that do nothing but make up their own pathetic versions of the story to make me look like I am some horrible monster. This is why it is so hard to wage this battle when people have no morals or ethics by which call standard too.
For someone who advocates an English-only Homeland™, Jon, some tutoring at Pima wouldn't hurt.

Thanks for the traffic! x0x0

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