Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hypocrisy is a Bipartisan Trait

As a registered Democrat, sometimes I feel like since "my" party is in control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, the people in charge of "my" party forget that they would not be in their position if it were not for my vote. It's one of those bipartisan cancers in D.C. that I think is bred from insulation and group-think, but I also suspect that money is the root of it.

Take the latest example from "my" party and read the reaction from a group of bloggers (including me) via Stop Fake Reform:
Dear DSCC & DCCC —

We read that you have chosen to accept President Obama's ban on fundraising from PACs and lobbyists, but only for June 18 – the day he headlines a fundraiser for you.

This isn’t just hypocritical – it defies common sense that you'd think the public would believe this was a principled stand against special-interest influence.

For 364 days a year, your rules would allow members of Congress to leave a hearing about regulating Wall Street and then walk straight to the DSCC and DCCC offices to “dial for dollars” from Wall Street lobbyists who want more bailout money and less accountability to taxpayers. Most Americans would find that conflict of interest repulsive.

We call on you to ban PAC and lobbyist contributions 365 days a year, just as President Obama did.

This is actually the least you could do to take on special-interest influence.

Will the DSCC and DCCC reject donations from executives of bailout recipients such as AIG, the way you did for Enron? Will you require candidates you support to publicly endorse the real solution to special-interest influence: public funding of congressional elections?

The public is tired of political gamesmanship. Please recognize that your “one day of reform” is absurd on its face and, if left standing, an embarrassment to your organizations. We urge you to announce a 365-day ban of PAC and lobbyist contributions – at a minimum.


Lawrence Lessig, Co-Founder, Change Congress
Hugh Jackson Founder, Las Vegas Gleaner (NV, Sen. Leader Harry Reid's home state)
Tracy Viselli Founder, Reno and Its Discontents (NV, Sen. Leader Harry Reid's home state)
Rosi Efthim Editorial Director, BlueJersey (NJ, DSCC Chair Robert Menendez's home state)
Nick Nyhart, President, Public Campaign
Chris Bowers Co-Founder, OpenLeft (National)
Glenn Greenwald Writer, Salon.com (National)
John Amato Founder, CrooksandLiars (National)
Baratunde Thurston Co-Founder, Jack and Jill Politics (National)
Cheryl Contee Co-Founder, Jack and Jill Politics (National)
Digby Founder, Hullaballoo (National)
Howie Klein Founder, DownWithTyranny (National)
Chris Rabb Founder, Afro-Netizen (National)
Marisa Treviño Publisher, Latina Lista (National)
Philip Anderson Founder, The Albany Project (NY)
Dean Barker Co-Founder, Blue Hampshire (NH)
Matt Singer Founder, LeftInTheWest (MT)
Matt Glazer Editor, BurntOrangeReport (TX)
Kenneth Quinnell Founder, Florida Progressive Coalition (FL)
Alison Morano Florida Progressive Coalition (FL) & Co-Host, No Days Off Radio (National)
Susan Smith Co-Host, No Days Off Radio (National)
Betsy Muse Managing Editor, BlueNC (NC)
Sherry Walker Co-founder, Left in Alabama (AL)
Jason Melrath Delaware Liberal (DE)
Patrick Crowley Blogger, Rhode Island's Future (RI)
Boadicea Managing Editor, TexasKaos (TX)
Manuel Guzmán Editor, Latino Político (National)
Liane Allen (mataliandy) Blogger, Green Mountain Daily (VT)
Rebecca Hargrave Malamud Designer, webchick.org
Brian Leubitz Publisher & Editor, Calitics (CA, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home state)
Paul A. Hogarth Managing Editor, Beyond Chron (CA, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home state)
Adam Lambert Writer, BlueJersey (NJ, DSCC Chair Robert Menendez's home state)
David Arkush Director of Congress Watch Division, Public Citizen
Lisa Gilbert Democracy Advocate, U.S. Public Interest Research Group
LN Rock African American Political Pundit (National)
Mark Nickolas Managing Editor, Political Base (National)
Pam Spaulding Founder, Pam's House Blend (NC & National)
David Dayen Blogger, Calitics, D-Day, Hullabaloo (CA & National)
Garlin Gilchrist II Co-Founder, The SuperSpade (National)
Natasha Chart Editor, Change.org (National)
Josh Nelson Founder, EnviroKnow (National)
Alex Thurston Co-Founder, The Seminal (National)
Martin Longman Editor, Booman Tribune (National)
Faye M. Anderson Citizen Journalist, Anderson@Large (National)
Ben Carnacki Founder, West Virginia Blue (WV)
Adam Green CEO, Change Congress
Stephanie Taylor Organizing Director, Change Congress
Japhet Els Political Director, Change Congress
David Donnelly Public Campaign Action Fund
Rick Jacobs Courage Campaign
Jason Rosenbaym Editor, The Seminal
Ben Tribbett Founder, Not Larry Sabato (VA)
Matthew Reichbach Blogger, New Mexico FBIHOP (NM)
Bob Neer Co-Founder, BlueMassGroup (MA)
David Kravitz Co-Founder, BlueMassGroup (MA)
Charley Blandy Co-Founder, BlueMassGroup (MA)
John Erhardt Managing Editor, SquareState (CO)
Eric Hoffpauir Blogger, Show Me Progress (MO)

I invite you to sign-on to this iniative via the StopFakeReform website. We have to hold our side of the aisle accountable if we expect the system to change.

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