Thursday, November 20, 2008

Say hello to Governor Jan Brewer

This makes me physically ill.

Gov. Janet Napolitano is President-elect Barack Obama's top choice to lead the department of Homeland Security, CNN is reporting.

Napolitano, according to reports airing this evening, has indicated she would accept the Cabinet post. The Governor's Office is not confirming the CNN report, but is not denying it, either.

Looks like I spoke too soon earlier this week when I breathed a sigh of relief that she wasn't picked for Attorney General. Arizona's current Secretary of State, Republican Jan Brewer, will now become the next governor. She will have the power to appoint a new SoS who will presumably be a member of the GOP, too.

The effect this will have in Arizona cannot be overstated. The Democrats actually lost seats in the state house on November 4th due to McCain's surprisingly strong coattails. With people like Russell Pearce licking his chops at using tuition monies to close budget gaps, this is just one example of when progressives and sane Arizonans will miss Janet Napolitano's veto pen.

PHOENIX — Lawmakers are eyeing an extra $56.7 million collected in tuition by the three public universities, possibly to help balance the state budget.

Members of the Joint Legislative Budget Committee refused on Thursday to support a plan by the Board of Regents to spend the funds on university needs.

Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said the state's larger-than-expected deficit makes it necessary for legislators to find and use any revenues for the most critical needs in the state.

Arizona Daily Star
This move will also solidify the hostile posture of the U.S. government towards border security. I expect to see more militarization and region-wide declarations of emergencies now that Janet will head DHS, she didn't hesitate to make the same move as Governor. While not a nativist, I expect the raids to continue under her leadership, something that destroys families, since she signed a 2007 state law that enacted harsh penalties to employees and employers. Her opposition to the Real ID Act was based on funding in the past, so it's not clear where she stands if given leeway to develop budget needs on the federal level.

If I had my wish, DHS would be abolished altogether. It's a symbol of everything that Bush did wrong after 9/11.

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