Monday, August 01, 2005

The "Fuck You" President

George W. Bush continued his misAdministration of the United States today by giving a big middle finger to the Senate and anyone else who disagreed with him regarding the appointment of John Bolton to the United Nations.

I was waiting for Melody Townsel's response to this:

As I posted here, and some of you commented upon over the weekend, Bush's move to appoint Bolton today is exactly what it looks like: A giant "fuck you" to anybody who questions his presumed authority and dares to believe in the spirit of advise and consent.

This is the "fuck you" presidency.

Don't like our battle against global extremism? Fuck you.

Don't think a CIA agent, or an ambassador's wife, are fair game? Fuck you.

Don't care for Rove's tactics? Fuck you.

You believe there should be a balance on the court? Fuck you.

Support our constitutionally promised systems of checks and balances? Fuck you.

The Bolton appointment is just the latest, and one of Bush's best, "fuck yous." And not just "fuck you" to Democrats, but a "fuck you" to Republicans like Voinovich who didn't just lie back and think of England over this appointment.

For more information on John Bolton, check out the wikipedia entry for this A-Grade Asshole.

To see a video on why this this appointment is completely outrageous, click this link. It shows Bolton, in his own words, pontificating on the destruction of the United Nations.

George W. Bush, the "Fuck You" President

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