Monday, August 08, 2005

The Minutemen are Nazi Pigs

Via Ornicus:

At a recent anti-immigrant rally in Laguna Beach, the connection was made explicit.

The rally was held July 30. It apparently was a follow-up of sorts to a similar rally held in the same locale on July 16, in which a local anti-immigration activist decided to protest a local arts festival's financial support for a day labor center for undocument workers. This rally drew the participation of the Save Our State campaign (an ostensibly mainstream anti-immigration organization) and the Minutemen's Jim Gilchrist. It also drew a contingent of neo-Nazis.
Pictures of the Nazi flag proudly displayed at their rally can be found at the link. For those of you who are sympathetic to the Minutemen cause: Congratulations, you are also getting labeled a Racist Thug.

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