Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rally in Phoenix on Saturday to Preserve Education

Craig has two important and related entries over at Random Musings:
Arizona needs YOU now!
Statehood Day


Saturday, Feb. 14, 2009
11 a.m.—1 p.m.

Arizona State Capitol
Governor’s Tower Parking Lot,
1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix

Random Musings
Why is this necessary? Lots of reasons. 1) The craptacular economy 2) the uber-craptacular state legislature in Arizona and 3) lack of a firewall in the form of a Governor (thanks for nothing, Janet!) to veto these neanderthal urges to drown our education system in a bathtub.

Here's the dire outlook, also relayed by Craig:
A summary of some of the cuts that the state's universities have implemented (list courtesy Solutions Through Higher Education) -

Enrollment capped, freshman applications close March 1, five months early

More than 550 staff positions and 200 faculty associate positions eliminated

Ten- to 15-day furloughs for all employees Closing of approximately four dozen academic programs Reduction of administrative operations at Polytechnic and West campuses

A reduction in the number of nursing students the university can admit


100 positions cut

Suspension of the development of new health professions programs in occupational therapy and physicians assistant, two critical area needs for the state

Closing of the Center for High Altitude Training and Social Research Laboratory Furloughs in FY09-10

Budget reductions for all departments


600 position cuts (through layoffs, attrition and permanent vacancy savings)

5-day furloughs for all local and state-funded employees in FY10

Further consolidation of colleges and mergers of 50 academic and administrative units

Severe curtailment of public outreach programs, including near-closure of public access to Flandrau Science Center, Arizona State Museum, and the UA Mineral Museum

Suspension of significant portions of the UA's extension and statewide outreach programs
I would gladly have my state taxes raised to keep away the most extreme cuts to these vital programs. Unfortunately, Republican state legislative leaders here don't believe in the "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" creed by JFK, they'd rather slash and burn educational and social service budgets to the point that all are children is learning throught home schooling and uneligible for werk that payes liveable monie.

Hopefully there's enough of a showing on Saturday that the GOP rethink this ridiculous long-term strategy...

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