Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Kid Oakland Speaks Truth

If you haven't bookmarked k/o's site, do it now; you won't regret it. Here's why:

hurricane and flood

When we talk about the dead and the lost. A toll we have yet to count, much less have an official estimate of. Remember this:

First there was a Hurricane,
then there was a Flood.

Some people died on Monday morning.
Some people died on Friday night.

Some people died in the crash of a wave.
Some people died waiting for help.

Some people died in a gale force wind.
Some people died when their medicine ran out.

The Hurricane came and hit those who remained.
The Flood rose up around those who'd been left.

If you were still on the coast,
the coast became a grave.

If you were still in the city,
your house became a tomb.

And those who waited for help, for water, for food,
heard one response..."soon, it'll come soon."

First came the Hurricane,
and then came the Flood.

When they got to New Orleans,
They left the bodies in the streets.

There were too many alive, in need,
to stop and claim the dead.

When you tell the story of Katrina,
Make sure you tell this too.

First there came a Hurricane,
and then there came a Flood.

It didn't have to be this way.

We as an American people, as a global people, must demand accountability for a misAdministration that flees from it. People have died, and they didn't have to; families are destroyed, nothing left but memories.

I am sick of this government's failures.

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