Thursday, September 01, 2005

Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief

Chris Bowers of is spearheading a project to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina throughout the liberal blogosphere. Please contribute in any way possible, I will put a permanent link in the right sidebar.

The Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief

by Chris Bowers

Please donate to Hurricane Relief.

Currently, a $0.00 ad proposal is being sent through the Liberal Blog Advertising Network. I encourage every single blogger on the network to accept this free ad. It is an advertisement for a mass, coordinated relief campaign: Liberal Blogs for Hurricane Relief.

The campaign is being coordinated by Kari Chisholm. All of the proceeds will be sent to the Red Cross. Donations are being tracked by Drop Cash. Transactions are secured through Paypal. You can be certain that your contribution will be secure, for a good cause, and it people will know it came from the liberal blogosphere.

You can donate to this effort here. Please consider giving. If you have a blog, please join the effort.

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