Monday, September 19, 2005

Pesky Liberals

Why do they always have to ruin the Republicans' fun?

The two Democrats who challenged President George W. Bush for the White House last year said on Monday the devastation of Hurricane Katrina provided a historic chance to reevaluate government priorities and address long-neglected issues including endemic poverty.

In separate speeches, John Kerry and John Edwards said the administration's inadequate response to the hurricane revealed a failure of competence and values, while the public outpouring of support for storm victims showed Americans wanted more from their government. (emphasis mine)

Despite the constant demonization of Democrats that the White House spews forth, the fact remains that we are the party that gives the poor a fighting chance to live a self-sustaining life. We fight for safety nets such as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, decent living wages, and the rights of workers to unionize so that they can stand up to the money-hungry corporations of the world.

Call me crazy, but those sound like admirable stances.

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