Tuesday, August 14, 2007

AP Offers Border Security Propaganda

Lies. Lies with an agenda.
Mexican shelters, usually the last stop for northbound migrants, are filling with southbound deportees. Fewer migrants are crossing in the wind-swept deserts along an increasingly fortified border. Far to the north, fields are empty at harvest time as workplace raids become more common.

Mexicans are increasingly giving up on the American dream and staying home, and the federal crackdown on undocumented workers announced Friday should discourage even potential migrants from taking the risks as the United States purges itself of its illegal population.

This type of political hit piece is designed to reinforce something that has become central to the identity of the United States - militarism. The might versus right mentality that takes the arrogant, easy way out of situation.

Look at Iraq. Even the military commanders concede that Iraq's woes will not be solved militarily but through political channels. Yet, there is still plenty of bloodlust running through the veins of the populace to kill of at least a few more hundred troops. There's also that little detail about the tens of thousands of Iraqi lives lost, but who's counting those? (that's sarcasm, in case any true war cheerleaders decide to read this. I mourn all needless death.)

Moving back to la frontera - every day steps are being made to militarize a region that has lived for centuries in peace. Yet, a national psyche of shadow and mirrors that would shatter if it had to consider that its military was a force that did more harm than good, is once again leaning on its titanium crutch on force.

The AssPress is doing its predictable litany of backslapping and highfives to military personnel who are bravely Securing Our Border. Did you notice what sector was missing from their literal pep rally? Let's see, Yuma got big ups for their Progress.
The biggest drop in Border Patrol detentions — a 68 percent decrease — was in the remote, heat-seared desert surrounding Yuma, Ariz., once popular with smugglers. Border Patrol spokesman Jeremy Chappell credits the additional troops and tougher security.
San Diego is mentioned, too. Unfortunately la migra there isn't doing enough because there's been a spike of invaders. Textbook answer to the problem?
The Border Patrol has responded with helicopters and increased intelligence from detained migrants.
If you've ever visited the San Diego/Tijuana metropolitan area, I don't need to state the obvious that it is inhabited by millions. Those helicopters won't be flying over sand dunes and joshua tree forests, they'll be patrolling over the suburbia wasteland of SoCal. But hey! The military makes us feel better, right?

Back to the article, El Paso gets a mention as the place that a quoted El Salvadoran migrant was caught and deported. But what's missing? Ah yes, how convenient. The Tucson Sector. Well, you're in luck because I happen to live here and this is what a person with a functioning human heart will read this week and understand that all is not well in the homeland.
A U.S. Border Patrol agent on patrol south of Sells found the skeletal remains of a suspected illegal immigrant, a border patrol spokesman said Monday afternoon.


The death brings to at least 149 the number of illegal immigrants found dead in southern Arizona's deserts since Oct. 1, the beginning of the federal fiscal year, according to border patrol and Tucson Citizen records.

I posted a graph last week that outlined the spike in border deaths that directly corresponds to the level of military presence along the line. The Tucson newspapers are also providing a great service with their tracking and mapping; and, of course, the humanitarian work of Derechos Humanos must be mentioned.

Unfortunately, many more piles of human remains will be found, more workplaces will be surrounded and seized by ICE agents hunting for prey, and families will continue to suffer as long as the United States continues to use guns and force as the Golden Rule instead of the real one.

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