Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pedro Guzman Is Alive!

An answer to many, many prayers by many, many people.
ACLU of Southern California says [pdf] that Pedro Guzman, the 29-year-old developmentally disabled American citizen mistakenly deported to Mexico in May, has been found. Best wishes to Guzman and his family this happy occasion.

I've been sitting on a post for a few days because...well, just because. Every once in a while the news becomes too unbearable to fully embrace. It is such a welcome ray of sunshine amidst the clouds that this family will be reunited. Many nights, when bouts of insomnia would grip me in a headlock, my thoughts would stray to the streets of Tijuana, imagining a mother walking and pleading for any clue as to the whereabouts of her beloved hijo.

Unfortunately, the broken/rotted/corrupt system of immigration is still in place in this country. Let the work to reform it, built on a foundation of humanity, continue con fuerza.


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