Friday, August 17, 2007

From The Mailbag - Beach Impeach!

If you live anywhere near the Golden Gate Bridge, keep September 15th open - it's the return of the Beach Impeach Project.
BEACH IMPEACH III -- REGISTRATION OPEN -- Sat, Sept 15 -- arrive by 1 pm, helicopter at 2 pm

The Park Service and I have finally nailed down the timing for Beach Impeach III. Participants arrive 1 pm, helicopter overhead 2 pm, whole thing should be over by 2:30 pm.

Most of you on this list are Beach Impeach veterans and therefore understand that these events are, necessarily, a work-in-progress. So although I've not yet got all the details worked out (I'm trying to get the Beach Impeach website updated right now), I'm going ahead with the sign-up function. Below is the link -- please register:
More information can be found at the Beach Impeach website:

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