Friday, December 07, 2007

Bill Introduced For Samaritan's Green Card

I love my Congressman - even more so because this will make the hardliners' heads explode.
U.S. Rep. Rául Grijlava submitted a private bill Thursday asking Congress to issue a green card to an illegal entrant who officials credit with saving the life of a 9-year-old boy he encountered in the desert on Thanksgiving night.

Late Thursday evening, Grijalva submitted the private bill, “H.R. 4339, for the relief of Jesus Manuel Córdova Soberanes,” to the clerk of the house, said Natalie Luna, Grijalva’s press secretary. The bill will be referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

James offered a post over the Thanksgiving weekend outlining this instance of a modern day Good Samaritan in action. Córdova was honored earlier this week at a ceremony at the Nogales Port of Entry.
"We don't know what would have happened to Christopher," said Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada. "He was lost in an area where there was no help. Then Manuel Jesus shows up - his guardian angel."

Santa Cruz County Supervisor Manuel Ruiz described Cordova as "a young man who gave up his dream of helping his family to help a young man." He addressed Cordova's mother, Alma Lydia Soberanes, in Spanish and commended her for raising such a compassionate son.


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