Monday, December 03, 2007

Building a Wall from Propaganda

I've received eight emails now from advocates of the Great Wall of America™ flogging a story about Islamic terrorists making contacts with human smugglers in Mexico to cross the line and attack Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista.

How many times does this need to be repeated?
FORT HUACHUCA — A federal report in May that this Southern Arizona Army post may be the target of Middle Easterners who were smuggled into the United States from Mexico is “not valid or credible,” a FBI spokesman said Monday.

linkage (emphasis mine)
Whomever leaked the information is not a dummy. They're aware that the mere act of introducing such an inflammatory claim into the water cooler conversations of this country is enough to keep the money flowing to the wall-builder wing of the military industrial complex. Profits don't discriminate between fact or fiction.

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