Monday, December 10, 2007

Blame the Criminals and Wetbacks!

Every once in a while, the naked truth of hardliners' sentiments shine freely. In this case, Georgia's Carroll County Commissioner Bill Head has a Russell Pearce Moment during a public hearing.

"It's going to get worse as criminals move in from Atlanta and, based on what I see, and wetbacks from down south, uh, we're going to have more and more all the time," Head said.

"Nobody in the room said anything, but I think everyone was taken aback," said Chappell, who sat beside Head.

"I thought it was an unfortunate remark and inappropriate, and it does not accurately reflect Carroll County," Chappell said. "If any of our Hispanic community was offended, I apologize for our Board of Commissioners."


Note the Chair's language: "If...was offended, I apologize". Not: "The remark was patently wrong and bigoted, therefore I apologize". Mr. Head, on the other hand...
...told local TV news stations Thursday that he stood by his comments and did not plan to apologize.

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