Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Latino Man's Body and Humanity Exploited

This is vile.
A passerby reported the body of the man, who appears to be of Hispanic descent, in a remote area of northeast Rutherford County near the Wilson County line. He had no identification on his person.

He was well groomed, clean and the condition of his hands led detectives to believe he was employed at an indoor job.

No one has reported a matching subject missing and his fingerprints do not show up in any database. It is possible he is not in this country legally.

Number One: They show a photograph of the dead gentleman's face like he's a specimen, not a human being.

Number Two: They assume that he's not here legally

Number Three: You can almost hear the shock that he would be "well groomed, clean"

Racist, inhumane idiots. Their contact information can be found here.

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