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Raped Without Consequences in Texas

Tuesday, January 22, 2008
by Man Eegee
The local paper in Taylor, Texas gives us the latest account of human rights abuses occurring at the T. Don Hutto Immigrant Concentration Camp. This case, however, is being swept under the rug because ICE agents were exempt from prosecution of sexual assault of prisoners at the time.

The female detainee was examined by an emergency nurse at a Williamson County hospital, who reported to the Williamson County Sheriff's Office that the woman sustained trauma to her vaginal area.

The female detainee and her son were taken to a hotel before being transported to an “alternative facility,” according to ICE spokeswoman Nina Pruneda. The victim was later deported.

Officially, ICE continued investigating the case under a possible charge of official oppression.

Crime avoided both state and federal jurisdiction

On Monday, May 21, the Williamson County District Attorney's Office declined to prosecute the case, according to the ICE report.

The spotlight remains fixed on that inhumane facility over at the T. Don Hutto Blog


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