Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A "Prank" in Dallas

Oh, those mischievous kids! Don't you just wanna pinch their cheeks when they spray paint "DIE" on your car?

FORT WORTH – A Hispanic family in Benbrook has temporarily abandoned its home after it was vandalized and racist slurs were spray-painted on the family car.

Sofía Bara said the someone tried to break into the home a week ago through her 10-year-old granddaughter's bedroom and that the vandals painted the words "White Power" and a racial epithet on the family's Isuzu Stylus. The vandals also destroyed a trampoline in the back yard.

NOT. THE. TRAMPOLINE. Those Barbarians Pranksters!
Gwen Gray, one of the family's neighbors on Bucking Bronc Drive, said she thinks the vandalism is a prank and hopes the family stays in the neighborhood, which she called multiethnic and nonviolent.
Nonviolent. Clearly.

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