Thursday, May 22, 2008

For The Bookstack: Sueños Americanos

University of Arizona Prof Julio Cammarota's research on Latino youth in the United States has made its way to book form.

Cammarota, who teaches at the UA’s Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology and the Mexican American Studies and Research Center, wrote the book based on his observations and extensive interviews of youth living in “El Pueblo,” which is the name he gives to the barrio area along the California coast where he conducted his research.

The book, titled "Sueños Americanos, Barrio Youth Negotiating Social and Cultural Identities," is published by The University of Arizona Press.

“In my research I found that education is a primary route to rewarding employment and economic security," Cammarota said. "And that education is particularly significant for the future prospects of children who are ethnic minorities, were born into disadvantaged economic circumstances, or are dealing with language barriers."

UA News
I'll be ordering my copy after the next pay day and will share my thoughts. Looking forward to it, as it discusses the way assimilation has affected the culture and ability for latinos and latinas to navigate their way through the current system.
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