Monday, June 09, 2008

Immigration News Roundup

  • ICE is pissed off at the Washington Post for having the audacity to write about the deaths of migrant worker detainees in the DHS concentration camps.
  • The WaPo responds
  • Blackwater mercenaries are setting up shop within view of la frontera in San Diego.
  • An ACLU lawsuit has been successful in stopping ICE from stuffing human beings into overcrowded cells like animals in Otay Mesa, CA
  • G. Gordon Liddy doesn't sleep at night, cuz he keeps having reoccurring nightmares of The Alamo.
  • LATimes published an article regarding the effects on children of migrant workers who are put in concentration camps and/or deported. Nice to see more of these stories focusing on the human impact of ICE's detestable actions lately.
  • Cherokee Chief Chad Smith speaks out in solidarity to combat the U.S.'s insistence that the populace be as ignorant as possible of different languages besides American™
That should get things started

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