Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update on Valedictorian's Status

Last week, I reported on the situation of Arthur Mkoyan, a 4.0 student and valedictorian of Bullard High School in the Fresno area of California, who was scheduled for deportation back to Armenia - a country he left at two years old.

I'm happy to give an update that Senator Diane Feinstein has filed a private bill on his behalf that has halted the process as it moves through the legislative branch:

Feinstein’s bill also applies to Arthur’s mother and father, who is being held in detention in Arizona, said Scott Gerber, a Feinstein spokesman. Arthur's 12-year-old brother is a U.S. citizen because he was born here, Gerber said.

In a prepared statement, Feinstein said: “This is a family that has deep roots in the community and has worked hard. The children have excelled in school. So I am introducing a private bill to ensure that they can stay in this country.”

Fresno Bee
Thanks to everyone who called the Senators' offices. Please send Mrs. Feinstein a thank you message for taking the extra step to protect the entire Mkoyan family.

Photo Credit: Diana Baldrica/The Fresno Bee

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