Monday, September 08, 2008

Voter Registration Challenge

If you're worried about polls showing the Presidential race tightening, work on registering people to vote and educating them on the issues. It's the only way this country is going to get zapped out of its trance - one that I have been calling Nine Eleven Fever for the past seven years.

Arizonans have absolutely no excuses. If you're eligible to vote, please please please click on this link to Service Arizona and you can be registered within five minutes. My goal is to get 20 people signed up to participate in this country's civics between now and November 4th.

Groups like VotoLatino, Mi Familia Vota, and Chicanos por la Causa have mobilized throughout the state, so there is plenty of opportunities to get involved. If you're sick of the lies, the smears, and the illusions of a dark reality that kept George Bush and his merry band of slaughterers in power in 2004; then join the movement to say ¡Ya Basta! - Enough Already! so John McCain is not allowed to continue the massacre of human lives and constitutional democracy in the U.S.

The thought of McCain and his warmongering advisors winning in November scares the shit out me. I have no reason to complain, though, if I don't work to keep him away from the red button and the pen that will ultimately sign a military draft into existence.

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