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A Word From The Patron Saint of Irony

Wednesday, September 03, 2008
by Man Eegee
I will light as many candles as necessary for this whole media narrative to be true:
Tonight, Sarah Palin will be nominated as the Republican Party's choice for vice president of the United States.

But back home, she has cheered the work of a tiny party that long has pushed for a statewide vote on whether Alaska should secede from those same United States. And her husband, Todd, was a member of the party for seven years.

Los Angeles Times
The thought of the most rabid hardliners on the right who've spent years howling in outrage at mythical Mexican reconquistadores having to swallow the gallons of irony elixir being served by John McCain's pick for #2 in line of Presidential succession brings great joy to my life.

On top of that, how stupid does the GOP think voters really are? You expect the public to believe that you did a full vetting process prior to the announcement? Really?

The country doesn't need another President who rewards sycophants with cushy appointments. As someone who has conducted interviews for many years, what looks good on paper doesn't always translate to what's in the best interest of the organization. It's clear that McCain put politics ahead of the country with this selection, and given the irony that Sarah Palin is supportive of a political party that advocates secession from the union, the karma wheel is spinning faster than usual.

Not that I'm complaining, of course.

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