Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Isabel Garcia's First Amendment Rights Upheld

Good news regarding Pima County Administrator Chuckle Huckleberry's decision whether or not to remove human rights promoter Isabel Garcia from her position as a county public defender.

You'll recall that the nativist crowd, lead by the perverted and sexist Jon Justice of 104.1 The Truth (not!), were trying to get her fired after participating at a protest for a Sheriff Joe Arpaio book-signing event in Tucson.
Huckelberry's memo, which was released Monday, states that "no disciplinary action is warranted in this matter."

According to the memo, Garcia and Arpaio were both appearing at the event as private citizens.

Tucson Citizen
Here's my favorite part of the article:
The county heard from 775 writers and callers in favor of Garcia's actions, 229 against.
Well done, gente.

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