Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack the "47-year-old mulato"

Ever wonder why the GOP is going the way of their mammoth cousins' extinction out west?

It's because the Minutemen/blatantly racist crazies are the public face of their party. I've been saying this for a long time now.
At all levels of government, the Republican party has allowed their public faces to be the most rabid of nativists in our midst. The Arizona GOP State Chairperson is not only one of the vigilantes, he was also the architect of Proposition 200. Plus, lets not forget that the now-retired JD Hayworth was a huge supporter of the Binocular Brigade. Oh, and how about the State Legislature's darling conservative Russell Pearce?

And their candidates? Last fall, Randy Graf was out spooking everyone for Halloween with pregnant girls warning against invading hordes of Mexicans while Ron Drake was advocating for the Great Wall of America™.

These are not the voices of moderation. These are not voices who are even making an attempt to understand where the Latino community is coming from on the various issues of the day. It is a group who has chosen to define us in the most negative way possible.
Instead of getting a clue that the public is more moderate than the far-right, Republican operatives think that electoral salvation will come to them in the form of returning to "core principles." Yet, they try to have it both ways by giving soft or no support to GOP candidates that appear on ballots as one of them who are truly batshit-insane, failing to organize their herd enough to keep said lunatics off the ballots.

Take Arizona's Congressional District 7 for example. This is the second time Joe Sweeney will appear as the Republican candidate facing off with Democratic incumbent Raúl Grijalva:

The Republican Party does not endorse Sweeney, a rapid opponent of illegal immigration who calls Interstate 19, between Tucson and Nogales a "Whore-i-dor" and who says illegal immigrants outnumber U.S. citizens in the 7th Congressional District.

He also complains on behalf of "Anglo-Saxon women who say they are discriminated against because they are not bilingual," and derides Barack Obama as a "47-year-old mulato."

He also supports legislation that would make being gay a crime.

Sweeney says he's just saying what other people think.

Tucson Citizen (emphasis mine)

All that's missing is the white sheet and hood - and as extreme as Sweeney is, it brings mounds of schadenfreude-laden delight that right next to his name is his party affiliation: Republican

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