Monday, October 09, 2006

Graf's Ad Scarier Than A Graveyard Stroll

Halloween is approaching. Instead of making your way to a haunted house or an old spooky graveyard to get your kicks, why not just sit your keister on the couch and watch Randy Graf's current FrightFest known as advertising?

Graf is counting on his one-trick pony show to terrify voters next month and get him elected to the House. The pregnant girl at the end was a particularly gruesome addition, he might as well have raised another phantom and made the ad about abortion in addition to evil terrorist border crossers who come to steal your children from their front doors (watch the video).

The problem with these menacing messages is that they are akin to hearing a cymbal clash during a thunderstorm. The GOP has been scaring the shit out of voters since 9/11 and placing their bets that the people will be sufficiently spooked to keep them in power. The tactic worked in 2002 and 2004, but will this tired meme prevail again?

I don't really know about the rest of the citizenry, but I'm certainly sick of their howling and shrieking.

This era of U.S. Politics has been devoid of leadership that inspires positive political action. We have been continually terrorized for the past five'ish years and the culprits are within our borders, not in some cave along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. All those white sheets you see? Those aren't ghost costumes they wear.

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