Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bug Man trapped?

From The Left Coaster:

...after the House GOP leadership closed the energy bill to further amendments, and after committee chairman Corrupt Joe Barton gaveled the debate to a close, Tom DeLay added a provision to the bill that amounts to a $1.5 billion giveaway of taxpayer dollars to his district, Marathon Oil, and, you guessed it, Halliburton. None of the conference committee members saw the provision or had a chance to review it and debate it before Barton closed the debate and DeLay inserted his payola. The tactic is similar to what the House GOP leadership did last week in inserting into a medical malpractice bill a liability shield for drug makers after the bill had been closed for further debate in committee and sent directly to the House floor. Henry Waxman caught DeLay’s payola on the Halliburton giveaway and is requesting that Denny Hastert have it stripped from the energy bill before it goes to the House floor for a final vote.
Sadly, this is the modus operandi for the Republican House Leader. DeLay is the definition of corruption, and his efforts are sanctioned and encouraged by his party.

Visit Nick Lampson's website here to contribute funds to the man that will exterminate the Bug Man from Texas District 22.

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