Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Republicans Unfit to Govern

The Bush Administration, under the complete direction of Karl Rove, has been the dirtiest pack of politicians this country has seen in decades. They pull no punches when it comes to spreading lies and smear campaigns of their opponents. They have perfected the art of floating information to their media minions so their talking points will hit the radio and television airwaves and front pages of papers across the country.

The Republicans are unfit to govern. They may be skilled politicians, but each of them are failures at ensuring the survival of our democracy. Since George W. Bush took the oath of the Presidency in 2001, he and his "brain" Karl Rove have systematically worked to destroy opposition. They spit in the face of common ground initiatives and slit the throats of anyone who disagrees with their position. It's undemocratic and unAmerican.

As Karl Rove's demise starts to unfold, there is one important thing to remember: he is the Architect of George W. Bush's political life. Regardless of what the SpinMasters report, they are inseparable with regards to information sharing. What Karl knows, Bush knows. It's time for this country to shed the illusion that W is a "moral" leader; he is the most ruthless politician the United States has seen since Richard Nixon.

Just to reinforce my point:

Bush did not respond to a reporter's question Tuesday about whether he would fire Rove, in keeping with a June 2004 pledge to dismiss any leakers of Valerie Plame's identity.

At a White House briefing afterward, spokesman Scott McClellan was pressed about Rove's future.

"Any individual who works here at the White House has the confidence of the president. They wouldn't be working here at the White House if they didn't have the president's confidence," McClellan said.

The White House said two years ago that Rove wasn't involved in the leak. According to a July 2003 e-mail that surfaced over the weekend, Rove told Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper that the woman "apparently works" for the CIA. It added that the woman had authorized a trip to Africa by her husband, U.S. Ambassador Joe Wilson, to check out allegations that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Niger for nuclear weapons.

They are a bunch of liars. They set their agenda based on lies. This makes them unfit to govern.

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