Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Presidential Hubris

So, the big news around the blogs and news is Bush's first crack at a Supreme Court nominee. With his selection of Judge John Roberts, the President is repaying a debt to his right-wing minions that still claim their ownership to his re-election. The thing that troubles me most about this choice is the fact that Mr. Roberts has only been on the bench for two years. TWO YEARS! Seems fishy to me that after all the promised "careful consideration", George would settle for Judge Roberts.

Perhaps he didn't spend enough time on his vetting process:

Bush accelerated his search for a Supreme Court nominee in part because of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation into the leak of a CIA agent's name, according to Republicans familiar with administration strategy.

Bush originally had planned to announce a replacement for retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor on July 26 or 27, just before his planned July 28 departure for a month-long vacation at his Crawford, Texas, ranch, said two administration officials, who spoke on the condition they not be named.

The officials said those plans changed because Rove has become a focus of Fitzgerald's interest and of news accounts about the matter.


So there it is. George Bush is playing politics yet again with our system of government. Rather than hold anyone in his administration accountable for their various atrocities, he would rather pull a rabbit out of the hat for a good hearty distraction. Congratulations America, you elected this sick fucker...TWICE.

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