Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mocking the Truth

Ya know, it's bad enough that the Republican cabal went to unprecedented lengths to sell an illegal and immoral war to the American people; but now that the truth is starting to make its way out, they are stonewalling and mocking the process.

It's in vogue on Capitol Hill these days to belong to a club. Senators negotiating a compromise over judicial nominees call themselves the "Gang of 14." When congressional leaders go to the White House, they are "the Big Five."

Then there are the half-dozen senators negotiating this week over a new intelligence committee probe: "The Sissy Six."

This unfortunate sobriquet, divulged by a committee staffer to reporters yesterday, comes from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence acronym, SSCI. As it happens, the Sissy Six are under pressure to demonstrate that they don't deserve the name (emphasis mine)

"The Sissy Six" - nice. Glad to see our government is serious about transparency and accountability.

Yesterday was the beginning of a change in tide across this country. Democrats who are fighting back against the fascists in power are winning by holding true to their values and telling the truth. Corruption is rampant throughout the Republican caucus and it's time they relinquish their death grip on this country or have it forced away from their greedy hands vote-by-vote.

Enough is Enough!

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