Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Timing is Everything

I can't tell you how utterly frustrating the past ten months have been since George's second coronation. Sure he's had a plethora of shitty news and missteps, but it gives me zero satisfaction to see his pResidency crash and burn.

I miss feeling proud of my country. Proud of what we stood for--human rights, equality under the law, a beacon of hope, etc. I grew up having a deep reverence for our flag and it depresses me that I now become enraged when I see a decal on a vehicle with its visage. I don't like feeling this way, at all; but it's where I've been driven emotionally by the continuous outrage from this gang of warmongers.

From war and torture to the demonization of immigrants and homosexuals; this Republican government has unleashed a vast scourge of hate and division across the land. It is not right. They have dodged accountability and refused to make mistakes because they put political playmaking as a priority over responsible governance.

Here is the greatest example of smoke and mirrors used to distract the American public during a Presidential election:

Has anyone noticed that the coverup worked?

In his impressive presentation of the indictment of Lewis "Scooter" Libby last week, Patrick Fitzgerald expressed the wish that witnesses had testified when subpoenas were issued in August 2004, and "we would have been here in October 2004 instead of October 2005."

Note the significance of the two dates: October 2004, before President Bush was reelected, and October 2005, after the president was reelected. Those dates make clear why Libby threw sand in the eyes of prosecutors, in the special counsel's apt metaphor, and helped drag out the investigation.

As long as Bush still faced the voters, the White House wanted Americans to think that officials such as Libby, Karl Rove and Vice President Cheney had nothing to do with the leak campaign to discredit its arch-critic on Iraq, former ambassador Joseph Wilson.

It's too late now, but my hope is that eventually the truth will be widespread and common knowledge for all Americans--Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, whomever. These liars sold the public a war based on deception and greed. They deserve to spend the rest of their days in a prison cell. They are a disgrace.

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