Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Georgia Inmates Now Plucking Your Chickens

This seemed like a notable piece of info.
The Crider poultry-processing plant in Stillmore, Ga., lost two-thirds of its work force last year after a federal immigration agency raid.

Since then, Crider has scrambled to replace the employees. It has staged job fairs, boosted starting pay and even contracted for Georgia prison inmates to work on its production line. In an unusual experiment, Crider has also recruited a small group of Laotian Hmong refugees to move from Minnesota to Georgia, hoping they'll start a new community.

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A trial balloon had already been floated in Colorado regarding this innovative way of making sure corporate profits remain 'full-speed ahead'.

Ever since Colorado passed tough immigration laws last year, farmers have worried that the immigrant laborers they depend on to plant and harvest their crops will not show up in the fields this season. So, a state legislator has proposed a novel idea: Send in the prisoners.

In a pilot program officials hope to roll out before the May planting season, minimum-security prison inmates will work five farms in southeastern Colorado to fill in for migrant workers. The inmates will earn the state's standard prison pay of 60 cents per day.

I guess that's one way to make sure Americans™ fill the job void after the Brown Menace is eradicated. [/cynical sarcasm]

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