Sunday, May 06, 2007

Late Sunday Eegeehood Mini-Tour

Damn. It seems like this must be vacation season, as several houses in tha 'hood have been unoccupied as of late. I guess it beats the summer travel rush, when those gas prices are going to hit $4 per gallon. Some of us are still around though, and maybe we should have a block party or something.

I'll bring the tunes: a couple live bootleg Miles Davis concerts from 1975. Check Another Unity from late January 1975 and a bootleg taped Philly gig from mid-May 1975.

I might even drop some Nathaniel Mackey words or reflect on the state of pop music just to get the conversation starting. Mad props due to Arcturus for introducing me to Mackey's work. Arcturus seems to be on an extended vacation. Hopefully it involves touring jazz joints all across the known universe.

Over at Everybody Comes From Somewhere, check nlinstpaul's piece on the growing trend toward multipolarity in international politics.

Nezua is on fire. The True Front of Progressivism should be mandatory reading. As the vacationing Nanette would say, his is one of those blogs that you just start at the top and keep reading.

XicanoPwr is prognosticating a new Rage Against the Machine album, and has been giving his readers the 411 on neo-Nazi terrorism in Los Angeles. He also live-blogged this year's May Day activities and provided some much-needed coverage of the May Day police brutality at MacArthur Park. Duke at Migra Matters also has some coverage of the MacArthur Park police freakout.

A couple weeks ago, Janet's blog Peace Gone Wild had a youtube video of some Portland peace protest activity. I hate the war too.

Deano has an impressionist-flavored painting by Ann Marie Coolick available for viewing pleasure. Keeping on the art tip, check out boran2's progress on his painting of a 1959 Volvo. I love Volvos, especially the ones from the 1950s and 1960s. Olivia's always got some gorgeous flower photos to check out, including her latest of a lily. She's also got a guest photo by North Dakota Democrat titled "Spring Sunset in North Dakota" that reminds me of why I love the high plains so much. We've got a theme going on now, so here's a couple pictures of a pond by Family Man (who is back after a brief haitus due to a computer mishap).

Rob at Intrepid Liberal Journal has a podcast interview with Riane Eisler (whose book The Chalice and the Blade is a classic), and a reminder of just how awful corporate media of Junior Caligula's May 1, 2003 photo-op (all we need to say is "Mission Accomplished" to jar the memory) really was.

Katiebird has an informative post on what Melamine does to pets' kidneys, as well as melamine contamination of poultry and hogs slaughtered for human consumption.

Mo Betta Meta has an "offensive" editorial response to the report that 80% of blogs contain offensive content.

Catnip's got a roundup of news, as well as her always ace Sunday food for thought.

As y'all know, Man Eegee's also on a blogging vacation, but occasionally someone drops by to water the plants and feed Bud.

Hopefully I didn't leave any of the non-vacationers out.

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