Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Nite Tour of tha 'Hood

Hi there tourists. Welcome to the Eegeehood Tour. I'm James and I'll be your guide tonight. Nanette is using up some of her paid leave time, and since these tours just don't happen without a tour guide, here I am. We hope you remembered to bring your binoculars (if not, we will gladly offer some for rental - see the assistant near rear exit). Fresh coffee and bagels are also being served as we speak. So, everyone, get out those celebrity Z-list bloggers maps and get ready for the ride of your lives.

First on our route is the home of Manny, without whom we would not have an Eegeehood, and hence I'd be out of a job as a tour guide (these gigs are hard to come by). As you can see, there is a lovable basset who patrols the grounds, and a good friend or two offering up the latest example of nativist racism. Remember to drop by and offer a few good words of support for Manny.

Since the home of tonight's humble tour guide is just next door, let's take a peep there next. Obviously you will not see me there at this very moment (unless you've consumed some primo blotter acid), but I can assure you that the house is far from empty. Dominating the front lawn is a post on my absolute disgust with the Dems' latest sell-out. They've done a heck of a job folks. Give 'em a hand (or the bird). Crooks and Liars picked it up, and mi casa has seen more visitors in one day than had dropped in during the previous week. But enough about me.

The guest house is my jazz joint (Nothing Is), but we're taking five as they say in the biz. Drop by later in the week, when we'll be droppin' some slammin' tunes.

Nezua always has something happening at his pad, including his chronicles. His is one blog to just start at the top and keep reading.

Duke at Migra Matter catches possible Presidential candidate Fred Thompson acting like a bigot (well, true he's an actor, but he really is a bigot).

Xicanopwr has a few things to say about the current immigration reform efforts in Congress and how it will screw a lot of good people.

Catnip has some more food for thought (truly a feast for the brain), as well as a video of Black Uhuru from the mid 1980s. A quick bit of trivia: in the graphic novel version of V for Vendetta, the title character makes reference to Black Uhuru in one of his early conversations with Evey.

The big pink estate just down the street is Mo Betta Meta, which has plenty to say about the Big Orange palace this week.

Boran is painting part of New York City! I see many visits to Home Depot in the future. I know bad joke.

Intrepid Liberal Journal has a few thoughts for the Memorial Day weekend.

The Family Man has something to be proud of! Congrats on your 10,000th visitor.

Olivia's place is the neighborhood's garden, with so many beautiful flowers to admire. This of course is a good place to stop and smell the roses.

Our neighborhood is also home to a place dedicated to health improvement. Want to learn a few things about nutrition, or about the mindset needed to lose weight? Always a welcoming place to visit.

Tonight's tour ends here, Everybody Comes From Somewhere, where I shall direct your attention to the tribute to anti-war protesters.

We at Eegeehood Tours, Inc. hope you have enjoyed your visit. Please don't forget to schedule another tour with us - possibly as soon as next Sunday. You never know which Z-list celebrities you might just run into.

Peace out.

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