Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Someday Tour! (or maybe Momday tour!)

Hello everyone, sorry for my absence the last couple of weeks - don't worry, it's not just you! You should see my list of emails that I have to return... oy! Big thanks to James for stepping in last week, by the way - yay James!

But here we are again and boy are we ready to scuttle about peeking in on what's been going on where. I bet some folks have gotten toooo comfortable at not being peeked at and are still in their housecoats and slippers... good for them!

First up... oh gee... Manny, DON'T LOOK! With this cloud blogging of Olivia's, there is no need at all to guess what you are looking at. It's waving! *gives the pretty bug a little wave back and wishes it bon appetit?* Whew, I think the best thing for getting over the heebie jeebies is to scroll down a bit and feast (ack! should I say feast) your eyes on inner bits! Oh wait, not those kind of inner bits... the flowery kind! Buttery calla lilies, and lemony and purple silk tulips!

Guess what!? Boran has finished our cool car, just this week! And he provides the weekly progression of the painting, so we can see what was done from week to week all at once. Way fun! Also, big surprise I know, but someone has done a study and figured out that Bush has not been at all good for wildlife in general. Devastating, in fact. And it's not easy (or ecologically beneficial!) being green... keeping your lawn that way, that is. Boran has alternatives!

ILJ wonders if Guiliani can inspire a secular awakening in the GOP? Heck, any sort of awakening at all would probably do some good, no?

Where in the world is Arcturus!? Say 'hi!" (<---- this is a mini-petition) [UPDATE!] Nezua brings to our attention the young, clear and piping voices of the sad present and the defiant future. I wonder how many people on the other side of the street went home full of shame. Hopefully at least some! Also, three action items! One standing up for the young voices of conscience and justice above, another highlighting a new kid (literally!) on the peace and justice block - amazing work already... and thoughts for her mom, who needs some good ones right now. And dissecting that Quaker Oats guy... and ads in general - the subtle and effective use of imagery to send not so pleasant messages to some.

katiebird has still been firming daily (and providing encouragement for others to do so too), and walking and doing katiebird stuff (take care of yourself, katie!). And being nosy too, she wants to know what you are planning! So, go tell her. Also, guess who's book has just won the Agatha Award for Best Novel!? katie tells us! I bet you will (not) be surprised! Yay, congrats!

Deano is taking a break! For a couple of weeks or more... but he's left us a puzzler in the meantime! Maybe by the time he returns I'll have broken the code. Have a nice and refreshing vacation, deano!

[UPDATE THE LAST!] Original James reports on why "it can't happen here, as least these days" does not often apply... as in the case of US ethnic cleansings. Also, a post of Duke's is a stepping off point to tie in with his own thoughts about right wing authoritarianism, immigration and eliminationist rhetoric! And a couple of funny (and one very true!) screen captures. There is more there, scroll down, scroll down! And Jazzy James has found some Miles Davis stuff, circa 1975! If you're looking to add to your music collection, this is the place to be!

Family Man has been having a time of it... from locking himself out of the house (along with a grudge holding George) to continuing and honoring family traditions - not everyone in the family can do that! to repairing recalcitrant washing machines... with a twist! If you've not had your quota of giggles today (and an "awww"), go read!

Over at everybody comes from somewhere NLinStPaul has thoughts on fear and healing and spiderleaf loves Long Island(?!) and Mexico too, but she'll write about that next time.

All done! (I think... if I've forgotten anyone, let me know!)

In the absence of Bud (although we love the cat... but that's a different cat!) I leave you with an intertubes classic that should not be missed... Dogs in Elk. Do not read it while drinking anything or around anyone who already think you are a bit batty cuz you laugh at a computer screen.

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