Monday, November 05, 2007

Honoring Lorraine Lee's Legacy

Just got back from the services for longtime community leader and activist, Lorraine Lee. Losing a force of nature like her always reminds me that the work we do as a people to make the promises of equality and justice available to everyone may be difficult, but are always worth the effort.

Lorraine may have lost her battle with the body, but her spirit of inspiration is untouchable - if there's one thing I'm convinced of today, it's that the work she organized and implemented will be carried out by new generations who will look to her as a solid point of reference.

I first met her years ago at a leadership institute I attended with other young Xicano activists. At the time, I was considering a career in politics (heh) and her words of empowerment to build grassroots community mobilization resonated within me. A leader is someone who can inspire all of their direct and indirect followers. A great leader, however, is one who does so for reasons that bring about a better world. Lorraine was, and is, a great leader.

I join the many activists across the U.S. and especially Baja Arizona in honoring the memory and work that Lorraine Lee devoted herself to with Chicanos Por La Causa and many, many other initiatives. If you would like to sign the online guestbook for her services, the link is here.

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