Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rainforests In Crisis Blog

How can I pass up an opportunity to post about a tapir?
NORTHEAST VALLEY [Phoenix area, for the non-natives] - Blogging this week from a Central American rainforest, a Northeast Valley television crew, says photographing jaguars in the wild is "amazing."

In Belize, the bloggers describe that country's national mammal, the tapir: "A cross between a cow, an anteater, and a pig, the tapir was most interested in eating the video camera. :)," they say, at

The mission of Paradise Earth:
Each week, over one million acres of the earth's rainforests are destroyed. The mission of Paradise Earth is both Conservation and Education. We will achieve this by creating a Rainforest Habitat that functions as a genetic pool of plants, birds, and wildlife to both preserve the species and repopulate them outside of captivity. The habitat will also be an educational center, focused on sharing a variety of ways that humans can live in a more environmentally-friendly manner.
Check out their blog here, where there are a few posts showing their encounters in Belize.

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