Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Midweek Meta Open Thread

  • Please don't sign me up for any listservs without asking. I get enough emails each day (averaging over 200), so I'm impatient when it comes to automatic sign-ups for the Peoples' Movement for Ethical Treatment of Roof Shingles.
  • I've created a profile at and Add me as an amigo.
  • Had a scare with Bud, he caught some type of viral infection and is getting better, but the vet says he'll be fine after the antibiotics run their course. No need to tell him to get more rest, he takes more naps than Family Man.
  • I'm contemplating a change in format around here for posts, with more frequent news clips around the tubes and an occasional substantive post. Thoughts?
  • The Haloscan gnomes are pissed, sorry if the comment links disappear on you - just hit the Refresh button until they are appeased.
  • Any sites you'd like to see on the blogroll that are missing? I'm trying to find as many pro-migrant blogs as possible.

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