Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The 8th Grade Fight That Wasn't

Drama in Tejas.

ATHENS, Texas — School officials say an eighth-grader lied when she told them a pack of angry classmates assaulted her over an anti-illegal immigration poster she brought to campus.

Athens Superintendent Fred Hayes said Wednesday that surveillance video shows 13-year-old Melanie Bowers inflicting scratch marks on herself after her poster was taken.


Dee over at Immigration Talk with a Mexican American writes:
I started seeing reports of the girl´s allegations on Monday. The story was picked up immediately by the local newspaper. Various ANTI blogs got wind of it and spread it to Michele Malkin, Beck and Dobbs who published the accusations as facts and encouraged their commenters to post hateful comments towards not only illegal immigrants but to ALL Latinos in general. Some of these comments included sending all citizen Latinos back to Mexico. Most recommended putting all the 21 children on suspension and or jail immediately and the deporting of many of them although all were citizens.
And therein lies the biggest reason that more voices are needed to balance the megaphone-level howls of outrage that comes from nativist haters. The media pundits that sit in the center of Bigotville will never take responsibility for the mindless hostility they nurture among their followers; rather, they are like playground instigators that makes sure everyone knows there's gonna be a fight after the last class bell.

Unfortunately, the fight is gonna get bloody unless some adults step in and mediate.

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