Friday, April 11, 2008

Neal Boortz Makes A Lousy Human

Via our friends at Media Matters, here is the latest example of U.S.-born American™ Exceptionalism and Bigotry that usually goes unchecked.

On the April 10 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Neal Boortz asserted, "I would make a lousy Mexican." Engineer and "sidekick" Royal Marshall asked Boortz: "Why is that?" Boortz responded, "Well, because I wanted to scrub the hangar floor the other day, so I went and rented one of these big buffers," later adding: "I turned on that buffer, and it damn near killed me! It was dragging me across the hangar floor, throwing me around like I -- it was like a dog shaking a cat or something like that. You know, that's skilled labor."

Later in the show, a caller recounted a story, saying he "was in a parking lot and witnessed a wreck on the road. And it was one of the illegals from south of the border and didn't have insurance. He ran, came into the parking lot, and was going to run my wife and myself down to get away from the police. But I was carrying a weapon; my son was carrying a weapon. We both drew down on him." Boortz interrupted, "Qué pasa? Qué pasa?" The caller said the man "got out of the truck spouting Spanish." After the caller finished his story, Boortz commented, "You know, I think with this Rosetta Stone software -- you know, Spanish-language software -- I think the first phrase they teach you is, you know, 'Hands against the -- hands against the car and hood, and spread 'em.' "

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What is with this long-standing attitude towards Mexicans? Lazy but hard workers, an "illegal" or at the very least should prove otherwise in the name of the Homeland, and predisposed towards crime (probably because a dirty, lower language comes out of the mouth).

Neal Boortz is right - he would make a lousy Mexican because he makes a lousy human being. With a face that's perfect for radio, the façade of his cultural supremacy is only as mighty as the flash flood of verbal diarrhea that he is allowed to grunt out each day. He knows this, as this is not his first time he's lit a burning cross through the airwaves.

Enough is enough. Here is the contact information for his show's producers, conveniently compiled by Media Matters. Please send them a message that we have had enough of media pundits who are raising the danger levels of racial and cultural tensions in our communities.
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